Self-Test: Wich stone fits to me?

In mineralogy, stones are categorized into 8 crystalline systems. By studying these systems, one can discover analogies to the different types of traits in humans. We tried to create a self-test for those who do not know which stones correspond to them. Answer the questions and look in which section you answered most often with yes to find "your" crystalline personality and the stones belonging to it. Have fun!


Crystal Systems - Self-Test


1. Cubic: Security, regularity, control





I need security and structure



I leave nothing to chance



I prepare myself perfectly for ever eventuality






I'm not really malleable and not open for new situations



I get hurt when i take critisicsm



I am too attached to my patterns of behavior and thoughts




2.Hexagonal: Firmness, inflexibel, loyality to oneself





I am efficient, determined and performance oriented



My actions are reasoned and thoughtful



Sincerity is very important to me






I'm stressed, impatient and feverish



When I fail, I am unhappy and annoyed



When I success, I feel like empty




3. Trigonale: Adaptable, binding, changing





I'm easy and simple



My thoughts are clear and native



I communicate sincerly and directly






Sometimes I feel lazy, disintrested and assaulted



I manly take care of my own business



Sometimes I have trouble to communicate




4.Tetragonale: Accuracy, organisation, order





Correct behaviour is very important to me



I master routine work with skill, reliability and continuity



I have a lot of intrests taht I pursue with a lot of comittment






I am strongly indoctrinated by standards



I hide my feelings



I sometimes fall into compulsive thoughts and hide behind excuses




5. Rhombic: Social competances, empathy





I am very sociable and helpful



I have a lot of endurance



Even in stressful situations I keep my routine






I adapt too much to social and partnership standards



I run away from unpleasant situations



I have little discipline and willpower




6. Monoclinic: Flexibility, extraordinary, adaptable





I am very creative



My ability to understand is quick and intuitive



I develop a lot of dynamism when I'm successful






I quickly loose inetrest and I'm not cut out for chores



I'm eccentric and I do what I want



I suffer from anxieties and doubtsand I'm afraid of making mistakes




7.Triclinic: Hypersensitivity, changing moods





I am clairvoyant and medial



My trust in god is limitless



I am empatic, compassionate and sociable






I react significantly to those around me



Sometimes I fall into indifference and fatalism



I often see myself as a victim




8.Amorphous: Freedom, Spontanity, joy of life





I live in the present moment



I am spontaneous and direct in my thoughts and realizations



My creativity and my ingenuity are inexhaustible






Sometimes I sober in apathy and agression



Depending on the situation, I feel like in heaven or hell



I need a lot of freedom







Self-Test Results:


1. Cubic crystal system:


The stones of the cubic crystal system help to get out and deal with deadlocked life situations. They promote awareness and self-reflection and support the establishment of a healthy and lasting order. Lapis lazuli, sodalite, garnet, diamond, fluorite, copper, pyrite, spinel


2. Hexagonal crystal system


The stones of the hexagonal crystal system help to reduce exhaustion, haste, stress and impatience, to adopt one's own point of view, to find new motivation, to impart openness, calm and justice. Morganite, sugilite, apatite, aquamarine, beryl, emerald


3. Trigonal crystal system


The stones of the trigonal crystal system help to overcome indolence and create clarity in yourself and in your own life. Agate, ametrine, aventurine, chalcedony, chrysoprase, falcon's eye, hematite, heliotrope, jasper, carnelian, magnesite, moss agate, onyx, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, tiger's eye, clear quartz, calcite, citrine, smoky quartz, ruby, tourmaline


4. Tetragonal crystal system


The stones of the tetragonal crystal system help dismantle the outer facade and open up. By combining feeling, spontaneity, and analytical thinking skills, they help uncover the hidden meaning of relationships. They bring openness and serenity. Chalcopyrite, Bornite, Zircon


5. Rhombic crystal system


The rhombic crystal system stones help to counter inner weakness and emptiness as well as an exaggerated urge to lean towards the partner. They thus reduce external determination and help to demarcate its territory. Angelite, bronzite, dumortierite, purpurite, tanzanite, thulite, zoisite, aragonite, barite, celestine, hypersthene, peridot, staurolite, topaz, tsesite


6. Monoclinic crystal system


The stones of the monoclinic crystal system help achieve emotional stability, reduce susceptibility, influence, restlessness, and compensate for instability. Azurite, biotite, chaorite, fuchsite, howlite, jade, malachite, moonstone, serpentine, selenite, kunzite


7. Triclinic crystal system


The Stones in the Triclinic Crystal System help balance passivity, mistrust, belief in fate, sacrifice, and mood swings. They transmit satisfaction, positivity, confidence and gratitude towards life and allow you to go beyond your own limits. Amazonite, labradorite, larimar, astrophyllite, rhodonite, sunstone, turquoise, axinite, kyanite


8. Amorphous crystal system


The stones of the amorphous crystal system help balance apathy, promote creativity, liveliness and spontaneity. They support the enjoyment of independence and freedom. Amber, flint, tektite, obsidian, andes opal